6 Summer Dangers For Kids

When you think of summer you think of mowing the grass, warm weather, sunny days, swimming, picnics and more. Most people never think about the dangers of summer especially for children until it is too late.
There are 6 major dangers that face children every summer.

Playground accidents

Dehydration is a factor for children because they love to be outside playing and they do not want to stop in the middle of play time to re-hydrate themselves with a glass of water or other liquids.
Sunburns can be an issue if parents do not remind their children to apply their sunscreen before going outside to play. It is best if the parent helps the child apply the sunscreen so they know that all areas exposed to the sun are covered and covered generously. Burns on children can be incredibly painful and unnecessary.
Fireworks can be dangerous around the Fourth of July. All children like seeing the bright colors in the sky and sparklers but parents need to help their children be especially careful during firework season so no one is seriously hurt or killed.
Playgrounds can be dangerous due to the large amounts of children on them during the summertime. It is easy for someone to get kicked by someone on the swing as they run in front, fall off the monkey bars, etc. Make sure to keep an eye on your children while they play and have your first aid kit handy just in case.
Drowning is the scariest danger of the summer. Parents should put their children in swimming classes or teach them how to swim themselves so that their children are comfortable and safe around the water. Never, ever leave a child unoccupied near the water no matter what the age.
Animals can pose a danger to children due to heat. When an animal gets hot and uncomfortable it may become feisty or frisky and snap at a child for no reason. Please make sure that your pets have plenty of water and shade to stop them from being a danger to small children.
Be cognizant of these dangers and help your children have a wonderful, safe and enjoyable summer.