Activities to do in the winter

During the wintertime it is important that you have a lot of activities and material that can be done indoors with your youth ministry because the logistics of having activities outdoors is just too difficult. Here are a few things that you can do with your youth ministry during the cold winter months that forces us indoors away from the cold harsh weather.
Since there will be no activities outdoors like a car wash for a spring cleaning you have to make sure that the activities that you have planned for your youth ministry can be done indoors at any time of the day. The first activity that you can do with your youth ministry indoors during the winter months are simple games that can be done with any sized youth ministry. You can have your youth ministry students participate in games that build camaraderie between the students and also build team building qualities between your students. These games can include anything from simple physical games where your students are able to get up and move about or they can be mind games where your students try to solve puzzles such as word crosses and other similar games. When you have a set of games are prepared for your youth ministry during the winter months will find that it is much easier to pass the time in a productive way with your youth ministry students.
During the winter months it is also a good idea for your youth ministry to have specific outreach programs that you do in your community. Along with your youth ministry students you can prepare a outreach program where you and your youth ministry students go around to those in need in your community and shovel walkways and driveways free of charge. This is a great service to offer to those who are elderly at your church or who simply need the services such as single mothers or others who would really appreciate your hard work. When you come together with your youth ministry to help those in need during the winter months with something so simple as shoveling the driveway or walkway you are spreading the word of Jesus Christ and his Gospel by helping and touching those in your community. You will also be surprised at how many driveways and walkways you can cover together with your youth ministry students. Shoveling the driveway can be a difficult task for one person but when you have a group of people who are dedicated to getting the job done in a quick and efficient fashion the job will go by in a breeze and you will cover many driveways in a short amount of time.
So be prepared when winter comes with a lot of activities that you in your youth ministry students can do indoors to pass the time and also to come together as a team. But don’t be afraid to get outside into the cold with your youth ministry students and do a little outreach for your community.