Exploring 4 Fun Activities For Kids Using ‘Create Your Own’ Kites

Kids’ love of kites can be put to good purpose in many ways, at any time of year. While most adults consider them to simply be a summertime toy for breezy afternoons, kites can also serve as a winter reminder than summer will, eventually, return. There are create-your-own kits that allow children of all ages to color and decorate theirs however they choose, long before the sunny, breezy days of summer arrive. You can certainly buy kites ready-made, but decorating your own adds a more profound touch to the experience of setting sail on an open sky.

Popular toys and tools for centuries, the sense of awe and freedom one experiences when these delicate creations take wing and soar ever higher is unmatchable. Even the process of going to a store or getting online to buy kites, then putting them together, is an enriching experience. Children benefit from every aspect of this project: building skills, patience and aerodynamics, which all come together in a surprisingly fun and simple collection of materials and practices. Creating your own flying machine can enrich camp projects, school lesson plans, birthday parties, and even rainy or snowy day entertainment.

Birthday Party Activity

Parents can make their child’s birthday party the talk of the town by adding this activity to the planning process. Regardless of the weather, guests will be thrilled to be able to take home something they made and decorated! The decorating will provide plenty of party entertainment and affordable kits can be bought online for surprisingly little. Instead of sending young guests home with plastic toys that will be lost or broken before they even get home, this project makes birthday parties extra special.

Bad Weather Art Project

Stuck inside due to snow or rain, children are often at a loss about how to spend their time. Too often, the day is spent parked in front of the television or computer screen, gaining nothing but a larger waistline. Instead, buy kite kits to have on hand for those days when going outside to play just isn’t an option. Along with decorating, children can learn about construction, the history of kites and their use in communications, warfare, and, of course, Benjamin Franklin’s famous lightening storm experiment! Crayons, markers, watercolors, and other paints can be put to good use as children turn their blank slate into a high flying example of self-expression.

Camp Project

Summer camp, Scouts, family reunions, and many other campout situations can be made even better with these build and decorate your own projects. Young and old can find common ground as they decorate and swap stories that span generations. After the decorating is completed and the wind picks up, campers can take wing with their creations. Contests can be held to see whose goes the farthest, the fastest, and whose can be seen from the greatest distance. There is no end to the possibilities!

School Lessons

School is another ideal situation for building and decorating your own kites. If school funds allow, or if the PTA can help, classes can buy ‘create your own’ kits and learn about the physics of flight, the extensive history, and even explore today’s modern uses as tools to reduce fuel used by ships, and other environmentally friendly applications. The mathematics, creativity, and science of kites make them a wonderful educational tool.

For fun and entertainment or academic knowledge, creating your own kite adds a new dimension to this universal dream of humanity: flights of fancy.