Extracurricular Activities: Courses of Business Etiquette

Contributing to better tomorrow Students’ motivation for attending an extracurricular club varies. Some adolescents want to relieve their stress after a prolonged working day, letting the steam off. As a rule, they choose certain sports or creative clubs which allow to realize their potential and demonstrating their talents. Others give preference to extracurricular activities focusing on development of their professional skills and broadening their outlook. At present, some colleges offer courses of business etiquette aimed at improving the students’ communicative skills and preparing them for their professional activity. Business etiquette encompasses various spheres of knowledge such as etiquette of telephone communication and rules for writing business letters. These courses would be beneficial for students at the starting point of their career allowing them to feel free at ease during the interviews or negotiations. The main advantage of this course is adaptation of certain outdated rules to the realities of contemporary business community. It means that this extracurricular activity would enhance the effectiveness of students’ academic courses, attempting to fill the gap between theory and practice. Arguments for deciding on a business etiquette course 1. Business etiquette course may become a significant contribution to the person’s better tomorrow. Knowledge of generally accepted rules could be advantageous in various working situations, especially when a person has to act promptly without procrastination and has no time to work out a plan. 2. This extracurricular activity deepens the students’ knowledge of academic disciplines, allowing them to train their skills and pointing at opportunities to implement them in future professional practice. 3. Deciding on business etiquette course, a learner uses an additional opportunity to enhance one’s proficiency and stand out from the crowd after graduating from college. As a rule, knowledge of etiquette rules is noticeable during the first interview and would be appreciated by potential employers.