Four Popular Stag Activities

So, your childhood friend is getting married and as a best man you have to organise a stag party for him. Celebrating his last night of freedom in a different and unique manner will not only make him feel happy but he also will remember it for a long time to come. Make sure you organise a bachelor party at least a fortnight before the wedding to enjoy it to the maximum. Invite all his childhood friends, associates and other relatives to the venue. Inviting long lost friends would surprise him.

There are many activities you can do at a bachelor party weekend. These activities are divided into two parts – day and night activities. This piece of article highlights a few popular day and night activities you can enjoy on an occasion like this.

1. Paint ball: It is a known fact that most of the men love shooting. Thus, they get along with guns so perfectly. Paint ball is one the most popular activities amongst the would-be groom and his bunch of friends. Undoubtedly, this game is fun and helps in clearing the hangover. It keeps you pumped-up for a full day session.

Divide into the group of two and simply compete with each other. Make sure you follow all the safety rules carefully to avoid any accident.

2. Climbing: Climbing makes for a crazy activity. Planning to opt for climbing, make sure you hire a professional who can advice you on the climbing tips. Trainer will guide on how to climb and precautions you should keep in mind while climbing.

3. Go Karting: For a bunch of speed and thrill fans, Go Karting is the right choice. Although, Go Kart look like toys for children, believe me not everyone is aware that their maximum speed is as high as 50 km/h. Try it and book go kart for your friends well in advance.

4. Clay Shooting: Everyone loves clay shooting and with little instructions, you can even become perfect in it. This game assures healthy competition and lots of fun with your team-mates. The number of setup and clays depends upon the size of your group.

So, make this once in a lifetime event fun and memorable by opting for the activities mentioned above. Would be groom would cherish this time spent with his friends for a long time to come.