French Course Lyon For The Young Adults

ESL is an organization which is world famous for the quality of education it offers. It is a specially designed program that caters to every requirement of students. Those who opt for the French course Lyon will always enjoy living in this wonderful city of art and culture. In this school a variety of courses are offered to the young adults. The teaching method is very impressive as the faculty employed here is highly experienced and uses adequate documents to pass on information to the students. They take reference from newspapers, magazines, CDs, DVDs and internet. Teachers are able to concentrate on the students in an efficient manner as only 10-12 students are included in one group. Several French courses provided to the youngsters are as follows
Standard French course
The standard course is one of the French courses in Lyon provided for those who want to utilize their free time. The classes are held in morning time and therefore, one have enough time to take part in other activities for the remaining hours of the day. The course duration is for the one to fifty-two weeks and twenty lessons are taught per every week.
Intensive French course
In this course the level of efforts put on the studies are increased. These are taken for additional five days that is twenty-five lessons per week. Additional time is used to focus on the verbal skills of the students. Free time can be used for extracurricular activities. The level of entry is from beginning to advance. One can study the course either for one week or for the whole year.
Those students who opt for intensive courses are provided with the option of choosing between the oral communication and exam preparation for the fifth lesson. Two types of courses provided under this are TCF and DELF.
Super intensive courses
In these super intensive courses thirty lessons are taught each week. Each day six lessons are taught to the students and in the sixth lesson the focus remains on the writing skills especially.
One to one class
The level of entry is from beginner to advance. In these courses each student is guided by individual teacher. They are thus considered to be very beneficial. They are moreover designed according to the needs of an individual. The duration of the classes also vary as per personal requirement of students. In general, the French lessons Lyon are not carried out during July and August.
One is also awarded with the certificate at the end of the course. Hence, ESL offers different learning levels and one may choose any that suits to the requirements.