Outdoors Activities in Turks and Caicos

A place whose the offical language is English as well as the beaches are voted “best in the world.”, a Turks and Caicos resort will make your holidays enjoyable and memorable with the combination of sensuous surroundings and fantastic water sports. This place are known as a “must.” “Provo,” as the locals call Providenciales will offer you many good quality accommodations.


The rising popularity of Eco-tourism means there are more and more activities to do each year on the Turks and Caicos. Countless isolated islands are home to hundreds of species of unique plants and wildlife in a variety of ecologies. There are trails for trekking that lead to quiet lagoons where visitors can cool off with snorkelling and scuba diving. Amateur naturalists who wish to observe flora and fauna in a little-visited corner of the world are treated to the perfect combination of pristine mountains and tropical seas. In the Caribbean, visitors can wake up with a swim, or even snorkelling and scuba diving, and later in the day can explore different varieties of forests and mountains clothed in lush greenery. Warm, cascading rapids are perfect for rafting, and inland spectacular open spaces are perfect for outdoor trekking, including horseback riding, mountain and dirt biking, and rock-climbing.


Windsurfing, kiteboarding and sailing are all massively popular activities in the Caribbean. Trade Winds make for some of the most pleasant kiting around. With few rocky areas or water hazards and the smooth, steady wind, this again is a great place for beginners and experienced kiters alike. Grace Bay is a great place to start – with full equipment rental and instructions, combined with the smooth trade winds, it’s a great place to learn or to improve your technique.


Snorkelling and Scuba Diving
The sparkling waters and many reefs make Providenciales one of the top dive spots in the world. With refreshingly warm water temperatures, most diving with no wetsuit or a t-shirt and shorts.