Summer Activities For Kids

Parenting requires balance. Children and parents alike eagerly anticipate the end of the school year and the beginning of summer break. They believe this will be a more relaxed time; however, in many cases it is anything but. Within the first week or so, the kids begin fighting with one another and the parents begin to pull their hair out. In between all the battles, the kids are usually complaining of nothing to do and being bored. So here are a few ideas to help put an end to all the squabbling.

1. DON’T LEAVE YOUR LIFE COMPLETELY UNSTRUCTURED. After coming off a bunch of activities and a full school year, a break seems like what you all need. Summer is a great time to be laid back, but dont be too laid back. It is good to put some structure into your summer to bring you a little more peace during the down times. Have the kids join some type of organized activity, once or twice a week. This will provide some structure without being overwhelming. If you cant find anything that suits, then create your own. This will allow you to make it around your schedule, and surely you can get some of your kids friends parents on board, after all their kids are probably in need of something also.

2. TIME OUT. Be sure to give yourself a break a little bit over the summer. Let the kids go to Grandmas for a week or create a parents day out trading with other parents once a week, so everyone gets a break while the kids get time with their friends.

3. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FREEBIES. They are offered in almost every community. Movie theaters, such as Cobb and Regal Cinemas offer free movies. They are usually played in the morning, and are first come first serve so plan to arrive early. AMF bowling is offering free bowling for kids this summer as well. They will give 2 free games to each child and all you have to do is enroll online. Shoe rental costs extra, but not necessary, Crocs are allowed.

4. WORK TOGETHER. Talk to your kids and see what they want to do. Make a schedule of activities and stick with them, but be sure not to over structure your summer, or it may begin to feel like work. Be flexible and willing to change things up when things are not working or need to be done differently. Be sure to enjoy your kids and the whole summertime experience. You only get this kind of break once a year, so make it fun and enjoy the heck out of those kids. Remember they are only young for a short time, so make the most of it.