Team Building Activities To Strengthen Teamwork

Team building activities are what encourage a group of people to interact with each other and work towards a common goal. The fact that working as a team can be more productive than working in one’s individual capacity is what team building exercises try to demonstrate. The aim of the activities is to essentially focus on the means and not the end, so there is no place for aggression, only collaboration. Team building exercises can be of different kinds ranging from outdoor events to problem solving to adventure sports and more. Depending on what suits your team the best and the budget in hand, you can make your choice. What is important is that you know exactly what the aim and rationale behind the activities are. Hiring a professional for the job can be a good idea and this will even allow you to take part instead of hosting the event. This can thus give you a better insight into the effectiveness of such exercises. Benefits of team building activities: 8 Improves overall productivity and can help to begin or end the conference on a positive note. 9 The exercises are a whole of fun and stimulate members both physically and mentally. 10 Demonstrates the importance of working as a team and reinforce commitment to the organizational goals. 11 Helps to improve interpersonal relationships and reduces workplace frictions. 12 Through integrating efforts every member realizes that his individual growth is related to and dependent on the overall growth of the enterprise. Types of exercises: 13 Divide the employees into different teams and make them chart their way through a definite route by setting up pit stops where they get to solve clues placed to help them move forward on their journey. 14 Get members to participate in an obstacle race by blindfolding them. This helps to build mutual trust and improve their abilities to communicate with each other. 15 You could question members on general knowledge topics that also enhance team cooperation. 16 A treasure hunt where teams will have to hunt for clues and decipher them to find the treasure. This allows healthy competition and prepares them for facing challenges as a group. 17 Sports events sponsored by corporate like golf, soccer, sailing etc is a good way to improve team spirit. 18 Ask members to solve a murder mystery that makes for an excellent cerebral exercise. It is thrilling and helps to hone your analytical skills. 19 Arrange for team outings not only to dinners and lunches at luxury restaurants but also hiking or trekking trips that allow for great interaction amongst colleagues. 20 You can also conduct drama workshops to enhance the feeling of cooperation and working together as a team. The whole idea is to teach the team the benefits of cooperation that can help to enhance their effectiveness and competence and reduce conflicts and tension in the workplace.