Winter Activities For School Aged Kids

It are going to be a tough task to spend time with school aged children. You might have lot of work to complete, it’s a frustration when little ones hang on them, and you have to have school aged things for them to do. perhaps you let older ones do arts and crafts acitivities while the small ones slept. When you have older one you ask them to be quite.
Another idea is starting a reading club. The non nap kids could have a read-a thon and earn rewards. you could let them watch a movie or play a video game. t’s possible you’ll convert house jobs to activities for kids such as cleaning up. make it fun by letting earn rewards for each job done.
School aged kids will be a great benefit to home daycare or childcare.
All parents want something that will make kids happy. Some kids may be good about orginizing the art caninets. The old ones may help with the small ones when asked.
Sometimes, you may find they’re just hard to keep amused. It does not mean they are bad but When kids hit school age, they are use to the constant go-go-go that they get int school. There is always something to do or something to learn. They go tot the gym, lunch etc. There is not much down time usually.
After we do childcare for younger children, it can be intense and with no break, then when the children nap, there’s a bit of a break where we can take 10 mins. When the older children are around, then they are up, they need to be supervised, they want to be doing something, they don’t want to sit idle, and they aren’t always content to do something quietly, they want to be active.Depending on the weather, I do extended outside time during quiet time, where I can still take 10 mins. but the children can play. If it’s too hot or raining,then we have to stay in, but I find I always need to be firm in what they could and cannot do and I try to clarify this by saying they were younger and needed naps once too, not I have younger children that need naps and they deserve to be respectful of that and keep the noise level down for a while. It’s just different with older children around. tags